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What is Young Flintshire?

Young Flintshire is an interactive website that aims to help you get all the things you are entitled to as a young person in Wales:

  • Education, training and work experience aimed towards your ambitions
  • Training in Basic Skills to open doors to a better future
  • A wide and varied range of opportunities for you to participate in activities
  • Access to facilities and services for you
  • Advice on health and housing benefits
  • Leisure and sporting opportunities for you within a safe environment, with an opportunity to socialise
  • One to one careers advice to explore your interests and abilities
  • Confidential support and advice on issues that you feel are important
  • Sporting, artistic, musical and musical experiences to develop and broaden your ideas
  • To be heard and listened to on your views

In 2009, Young Flintshire linked with CLIC, the National Information And Advice Service for young people in Wales. This means that Young Flintshire will continue to be the local website for young people in Flintshire to access information on services and activities, but will also include information from all over Wales.

The website now has a number of new features including an events page, a database of services, links to social networking sites, media players and Youtube. Most importantly there is now a facility where YOU can upload reviews, stories and articles about things that are important to you.

The website was officially launched at Connah’s Quay Festival Youth Village in June 2010.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will help us find out how you use the website so we can keep improving it for you. Everyone who completes the survey will get the chance to win £50.