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Flintshire Youth Forum

Mission Statement

Gaining confidence to tackle issues, voice opinions, whilst making friends and having fun,

“Coming together to make a difference”

What we’ve done

  • We have organised Youth Conferences every year since 2005. All the issues raised were taken to the Flintshire Young People’s Partnership, so they can do something about them.
  • We go on residentials to plan the conferences and discuss issues raised by other young people in our communities.
  • We have made DVDs to promote Extending Entitlement and to raise awareness of issues affecting young people such as Cyber Bullying and the dangers of Loan Sharks.
  • We attend the Young People’s Partnership meetings to help get young people’s voices heard and to make changes.
  • We work on lots of different projects using music, drama, arts and crafts. Anything that is fun and productive!
  • We have full representation on Funky Dragon.
  • We address issues that affect us as young people with the people and organisations who make decisions. These include the police, the Youth Service, the Education department, leisure services and many more.
  • We run mini consultations like “Happy Town” and “Castaways” with other young people in Flintshire through school groups, Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, Youth Clubs and other groups that support and work with young people.
  • We have a Youth Inspectors Project. The Youth Inspectors work with organisations and services for young people, inspecting them to make sure they provide the sort of service that young people want to receive. They make recommendations and suggestions about how services could be more ‘young people friendly’ or more accessible.
  • We have a great time and have trips and residentials which mean we get time to enjoy ourselves and chill out together. Everything is planned by young people and we make sure that everyone in the group has a say about what we’re going to do.


The Future

  • We will carry on with Theatre Forum, looking at issues that are affecting young people and carry on creating new and innovative ways to represent your lives.
  • The Youth Conference - The next youth conference is on March 26th at the Glanrafon Centre in Mold. Please come along, it’s a great day and a really fun way to have your voice heard on the things that are important to you! There’ll be free food, workshops and fun activities throughout the day, not to mention the famous goodie bags!! All young people between 11 - 25 are welcome.
  • We are planning a residential to look at all of the information we collect at the conference. We will then take all of the issues to the Young People’s Partnership.
  • The “Back to the Future” project continues for another year. This is a medieval project that draws comparisons about young people lives in the past and how they are now in the present. Just like last year, we will be spending time in the forest, living life the medieval way!!
  • 2011 is also our ‘Year in Partnership’ with the Urdd. We are so excited about this!!! Watch this space for more news……

If you are interested in the work we have been doing and want to find out more, contact us or come along to see for yourself.

The Flintshire Youth Forum meet on Tuesdays 5-9pm and on Thursdays 7-9pm at the Glanrafon Centre, Mold. For more information contact Ali on 01352 770232 or email alison.jane.thomas@flintshire.gov.uk

Updated March 2011

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