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The Children and Young People's Plan - Have your say!

Posted by infinvflints from Flintshire - Published on 04/01/2011 at 13:36
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The Children & Young People’s Plan is a three year strategic plan which aims to address the priority areas and meet the needs of all children and young people in Flintshire.

The Plan takes account of every aspect of their lives from pre-natal to 25 years. It also includes parenting and family issues. These issues need to be addressed through agencies and services working together no one agency or service can address the priority areas on their own.

The multi-agency Children & Young People’s Partnership (CYPP) is leading on the implementation of the Plan.

As the 2008-11 plan is coming to an end, a new Plan is being developed for 2011-14. The draft Plan has been developed with contributions from children, young people and families and many of the services and organisations that work with them.

A new set of proposed outcomes has been identified through this work, and we would like to know what you think of them, and how we can work together to make them a reality.


All of the information gathered will be considered when developing the new Children & Young People’s Plan 2011-14.


Summary of the proposed outcomes for the Children & Young People’s Plan 2011-14

By working towards all of these things, we hope that children, young people and families in Flintshire will be as happy as they can be.

Children and Young People are cared for.

Every child in Flintshire will have the best start in life. If problems are caught early, we will be able to stop those becoming bigger problems in the future.

Children and young people are ready, able and encouraged to learn

All children and young people in Flintshire will have lots of different learning opportunities available to them, both in and outside of school and college, so that they can develop skills to use throughout their lives.

Children and young people follow a healthy lifestyle and are happy!

Children and young people’s health should be protected. A healthy lifestyle will be promoted and there will be services to help those who are ill, have a disability or any other difficulties.

Children and young people have time and space to play and to participate in activities.

Children and young people have a Right to play and to take part in lots of other fun and sporting activities.

Children and young people are respected in all areas of their lives

Children and young people have a Right to be heard when decisions are being made which affect them.

Children and young people are safe and protected.

Children and young people will be protected from things which might stop them from growing and developing. There will be support for families to help them to cope with any difficulties they face.

Children, young people and families have the resources they need to maximise their opportunities.

Families, children and young people in Flintshire will be able to get the best out of life and reach their potential, even when they don’t always have enough money.


For further information and enquiries, please call Emma Jones, Information & Involvement Officer, The Children & Young People’s Partnership, on 01352 704147.

The Children & Young People’s Plan

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